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Alinda Villas Means Beautiful

– Passion for the project & business.

We want to build a HOME with good size and practical functionality where people can live in rather than just admire its beauty. Alinda is an exquisite villa, but we also add uniqueness to it to make it even more special. Alinda offers more than what other projects could, for example, functionality, room size, and eco-friendly design. 

Nowadays, the value of properties is increasing year after year, but the quality is not improving as the price rises. Another point that makes us different from other developers is that we pay attention to the environment of Phuket. 

Therefore, the project will be the most sustainable project. To explain, we will include the Solar roof system. Furthermore, the underground water tank which is installed inside the project will allow our customers to be able to reserve the water supply for the house. Lastly, for an air conditioner, we will select the brand that we had experienced which could guarantee the efficiency in energy saving.

“Homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing
but also profoundly practical”

~ Alinda villas~

Our Team Member Background

Mr. Boonjak Athikapun and Mr. Chayut Cheecharoen- Construction Partner 

Prudent Builder Co., Ltd. – Project Construction

Civil Engineering expert team. Both Mr. Boonjak and Mr. Chayut are founders of one of the “top 5” most successful construction companies in Phuket: Prudent Builder Co., Ltd.

Prudent Builder Co., Ltd was established in Phuket in 2008. With many years of experience as building contractors, consultants and designers, Prudent Builder reputation is not in doubt! Add to this the technical and management skills of staff members and they have the ability to build a full range of projects here in Phuket. They have successfully completed several medium to large scale projects on this island over the past 15 years with values from 200 to 300 million Baht. Lately, they have also developed their own housing project in Paklok Phuket aimed at the local market. You might have noticed that the property market in Phuket is overheating with developers making promises they won’t be able to keep. With our own in-house construction team, we are confident Alinda Villas will be delivered in a timely manner!

Mr. Samuel Gandossi 

Project Management

A civil engineer and MBA from France with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He has been managing large scale projects (large apartment towers, sport stadium, hotels, etc) in Thailand and other countries such as Canada, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore and India. He is fluent in Thai, English and French. Recently, he founded “Smarter Energy Solution Co., Ltd.”, a renewable energy company here in Thailand. With his valuable experience in developing several high-quality constructions around the world, we are confident that the quality of Alinda Villas will be great!

Mr. Thierry Chausse

Villa design

A successful project management and business entrepreneur, Thierry has been in Asia almost 35 years. He speaks French, English, Thai, and Indonesian and can communicate in Spanish. His most valuable asset is his creativity and understanding of how to make products valuable and functional. With his ideas and experience, the project quality will undoubtedly meet our client’s expectations. Thierry is in charge of the interior and landscape design for Alinda Villas. Thierry wants to create homes for our customers.

Ms. Autcharawan (Gay) Pratumwan

Project Legal Council

A Legal advisor for the project; She is an Attorney at Law who has built a successful Phuket-based law firm with an outstanding expertise in property transactions. She is also an entrepreneur who founded “Island Technology Co., Ltd.” a network and communication system provider which has been in business on the Island for over 23 years. Moreover, she is also a co-founder of “Smarter Energy Solution Co., Ltd” with Mr. Samuel Gandossi. She has a strong desire to create her own project. Thus, aside from her legal knowledge and familiarity with communication systems, she already created her own small property projects for sale and rent. All of these factors will make her a strong advocate for buyers interested in owning property in Phuket. It is worth saying that owning property in Thailand can be a complicated proposition. Gay has already put in place some impressive legal setups for the buyers of Alinda Villas. You will be impressed!

– Unveiling Our Passion

Our mission goes beyond creating mere structures; it’s about building your sanctuary.

We are driven by the desire to shape homes where every corner resonates with functionality and grace.

While Alinda Villas undoubtedly epitomizes elegance, we believe in adding an extra layer of uniqueness, transforming them into extraordinary havens.

Expect more than just surface charm here. Our kitchens aren’t just showcases; they’re designed for culinary adventures. Bedrooms boast abundant closet space, shoe cabinets, and ample storage.

Your vehicles find comfort in a double-parking garage.

The back of the house is a well-thought haven, accommodating live-in help, storage, laundry, a Thai kitchen, and even a pantry – a true embodiment of thoughtful living.

Crafting Change

In a world where property values soar but true quality often remains stagnant, Alinda Villas emerges as a beacon of transformation.

We dare to challenge norms, redefine excellence, and redefine the very way we live.

With us, you’re not just investing in a home; you’re investing in a future that surpasses expectations.

– Sustainable Footprints

Our commitment to your well-being extends to our planet. Alinda Villas is designed with an awareness of its energy impact.

Each roof is adorned with solar panels, not just as an accessory, but as a testament to our dedication to sustainable living. Beneath the surface, our underground water tanks ensure a steady water supply.

The choice of “inverter-type” air conditioners assures energy conservation, because luxury should never come at the cost of our environment.

“Not just another pool villa….              The HOME you’ve been looking for!”

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Phru Champa Road, Tambon Thep Krasatti, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

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Phru Champa Road, Tambon Thep Krasatti, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

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Phru Champa Road, Tambon Thep Krasatti, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
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